Because of all my swagger IGB.
by McKinno October 6, 2010
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Acronym for "It Gets Better" - a channel on YouTube where videos are posted for bullied gay and lesbian young people, encouraging them to hang on during their high school years because life gets better after that. Started by columnist Dan Savage specifically as a suicide prevention resource, after publicity surrounding several gay/lesbian young people who were lost to suicide in Autumn 2010.
I think Obama's support of gay and lesbians is genuine, not just playing politics. He even made a video for IGB and he didn't need to do that.
by ninja nella May 6, 2011
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IGB is an acronym used by people who are going bald. (I = I'm, G = going, B = bald)
Man, you look like you should join the IGB club, your hairline is DONE.

You are right I should stop coping about it and do it.
by Duckwizard April 21, 2022
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Irish GoodBye. Sneaking out on your friends at the end of the night without actually saying goodbye/goodnight
I paid our food bill and am IGB'ing this gig.
by Grocery Boy July 22, 2020
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Also shit.
The excrete that comes out of the anus.
by The DarkLord June 1, 2006
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I'm Gonna Be Sick
Person 1: Erghh, look at that!
Person 2: IGBS
by igbs August 18, 2010
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