4 definitions by Jason Laine

Clapyacie is a term used by young men to describe very extraordinary sex provided by a extremely skilled woman.
Raq boy #1- That treesh pussy be clapping back she got that clapyacie on dogs !
Raq boy #2- her shit mad loose dog don’t know what you talking about.
by Jason Laine November 4, 2020
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“Free-Free,” is a specific item of choice that a consumer would not purchase with their own currency; but would rather take for free.
Me- “Ayo igb general What’s the word with that jacket?!”

IGB general-“ Nigga Yk I’m coping that shit you know I fiend for that free-free!”
by Jason Laine November 10, 2019
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Thronkie is another term used to refer to outstanding oral sex from a promiscuous woman.
Raq Boy #1: I heard that baba giving some fire thronkie, what’s the word with it?
Raq boy #2: Yeah she do that bitch be guffin she got that clapyacie too!
by Jason Laine October 12, 2020
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Raqboyz is a legion of bag chasers and thronkie obtainers . The leaders of this radical group are.
President- Basqybinhavin
Secretary of State- TITO FISHLEGS
hood nigga soldier- GO LOS
Janitor- kevin
Wocky Nigga #1- Yo slim I know you heard about them raqboyz they be taking all our hoes.
Wocky Nigga #2- On dawgs shit sucks I wanna be like them when I grow up.
by Jason Laine January 4, 2021
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