The phrase Freaked It is used only after aquiring a large sum of money and then spending it.
I made a hundred thou'then I Freaked It.
I made 500 thou' then I Freaked It.
I bought an 87 for the weekend.
by LaDeDaDeDaSlobOnMeKnob May 16, 2018
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You do or witness something so crazy and so insane that there’s no other response but freaked it
by Don Quixout June 01, 2018
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To unexpectedly or instantaneously ditch someone of something moments after its present.
"I made five hundred thousand then I freaked it."

"I brought her to my penthouse then I freaked it.
"Yo you got any gum left?" "Sorry, I freaked it when other people started asking for some."
by Intelligible Lizard June 04, 2018
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A meme and lyric used by Kendrick Lamar and future in the song “Kings Dead”
Dan, please don’t freaked it.”
Dan: Freaked it
by Dance monster June 03, 2018
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