A freak is someone who does weird things, in general. Someone who is somehow different. That may or may not include sex!
by Queen Mother March 19, 2017
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A girl with short brown hair , 5'0 , Salvadorian , most likely her name will start with an A, also lost her virginity at age 15 .
So did you freaky A FUCK today?

Yes, in the car with girafita
by Rapunzelniquia May 20, 2017
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Meaning your about to exhibit your expertise in acomplishing something.
1) I bout to freak this black and mild.
2) Watch me freak this new video game move.
3) Let me see if I can freak this hot Diana Ross sample.
by Aon Hittz September 27, 2005
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someone with low self-esteem and everyone has to put up with all their crap
you're a freak with low self-esteem and we have to put up with all your crap!
by k2igemini March 27, 2011
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freek - noun, verb, adj., adverb
1. a proclamation of someone's adverse abilities, good or bad
2. to be uncomparable to any other human in the discussed topic
3. the answer to any situation concerning absolute dominance
4. most humans can not be described with this word because they are simply mediocre or they do not understand its true meaning

other terms partial to this word are "super-freak, all day erryday freak, paranormal"

"Darsch is a Freak"

"Why am I so Freak?"
by Michael Cavalier December 23, 2007
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