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Gary Dell'abbate from the Howard Stern show.
His other name is Bababooey because of an inside joke about a cartoon cell a long time ago. Artie Lange is on the show too, he rocks! Now give me 1000 thumbs up to help me fight cancer! Thanks!
by Andi March 16, 2005
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A leotard with a hole in the crotch instead of snaps so you can get some quick in and out action between ballet performances.
Damn that ballet was boring, but Jenny wore her Fucktard and gave me a piece if I promised to stay for the whole show. It was worth it!!!
by Andi March 02, 2005
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The best thing to hit the Howard Stern show since.....well...Howard Stern.
Artie Lang? Oh--you mean the Howard Stern show got a REAL comidian..not like that Soupy Sales Mutha Fukka Jackie "The Asskisser" Martling?
by Andi February 09, 2005
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Brilliant main character of my FAVORITE film..."Nightmare Before Christmas". The Pumpkin King and the Hottest Guy who's ever ceased to exist.
If Jack Skellington was human, I'd marry him in a heartbeat!
by Andi February 10, 2005
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Ask Adam Sandler. He mastered the phrase.
Oh wassamadda baby? Go play with your cock and balls for mamma. Stroke your shlong and whack your nuts, then momma will make you a sandwich.
by Andi March 03, 2005
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The girlfriend of Howard Stern that only wants Howard Stern BECAUSE he is Howard Stern. She is an "okay" looking girl with a killer body but a looooong face. She would NEVER be noticed as a Model unless she was dating Howard Stern. She'd just be "some decent looking 2 bit ho"
Hey---Theres Howard Stern's girlfriend....uh....what's her name??? Oh---yeah.....Beth O. As in "Oh how lucky I am to be dating Howard Stern"
by Andi February 09, 2005
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A guy from the Howard Stern show with a really High-pitched voice that sounds like a woman.
Who's High Pitch? This is Kelly Clarkson. If you like my definitions....give me 1000 thumbs up for my quest. Thanks and Bababooey to you!
by Andi March 17, 2005
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