Stupid fat ugly older woman who posts non-stop on message boards about old lady topics, such as hummus recipes and their current object of lust. This object of obsession is usually a fugly contestant on American Idol (e.g. Taylor Hicks) or some other fug and/or gay singer, who they insist is very sexy and/or straight. Also hausfraus.
NOUN - The fraus are worthless and should be banned.
ADJECTIVE - She wasn't frau enough to join their Taylor board.
by Fallen Angel Gabriel April 10, 2007
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A blond haired, blue eyed perverted, yet hardcore bishop that is also known as Zehel (one of the 07-Ghosts). He has a huge ass scythe that pops out of his right hand when needed. He also has an obvious man crush on his "bishop apprentice", Teito Klein.
Frau totally has the hots for Teito Klein, even though Teito is merely just a kid.
by Sailor Pokemon March 19, 2010
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A term used by hot little good girls who dont want to use naghty words to describe a person, so they call them a Frau. in actuality, Frau is the German word for a formal title for a woman. example: Frau Jones, or Frau Andersen. Similar to Mrs. as in Mrs Jones or Mrs Anderson.
Don't change the channel you stupid Frau. I was watching that.
by Tuna Hotdog April 19, 2009
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