The act of slapping a woman in the face with one's penis, often during or right after sex.
If you're lucky, your girlfriend won't mind getting a frapper.
by Scott October 17, 2003
a fake rapper, usually relies on the beat because their lyrics are so bad; invented by a rapper in Ohio named ME Souljah
Too many to list.

"I see a lot of jealous frappers so I hit da floor
I hit da floor cause I see guns bein aimed
Aimin for my brain but I gotta stay sane
Bullet comin towards my head cause these frappers want me dead
Cause they don’t like the fact that im runnin this game"
by FS22 October 18, 2007
A sexual move when you position a girl doggy style and you crouch down facing her pussy and you insert your tongue and lick from her asshole to her clit many times till it creates a beige cream. Then you take the cream, whip it and put it into the girls coffee. When she says what the hell is this, u say it's a Rio di Janeiro capucino frapper!!!!
last night my girl had Rio di Janeiro capucino frapper!
by amur May 20, 2007