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Woman who's Soul belongs to the Most High. ( JAH ) Soul-Jah

One who has deep spiritual connections and is most likely to be found in the Divine Favor of God.

One who has many suiters. But loves only her N'HAN

Souljah need to let that N'HAN go.
by SOULJAH34711 March 20, 2008
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Look all theze definitions are wrong.
A souljah is somebody who is ghetto nd is in a gang who fights other gangs, similiar to a gangsta but different. and 4 all u white people reading this a soldier is not the same because soldiers fight for a nation and or an army while "souljahz" fight 4 there hood.
- Souljahz are usually mexicanz and blacks dat roll in gangs/numbers and kill other gang members to protect.

- Gangstaz are people who run around wit a gunz shootin people and spend most of there adult life in jail

but alot is common
by Zeemy-Locc June 22, 2006
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Anyone who is a Chiristian should be a souljah.
by bobie November 14, 2004
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Jesus Freaks to the next extreme

Love what He does and hate what He hates
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12
by LtL March 25, 2005
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all yall s*fu. a souljah(z) is someone who stands to believe in protecting and doing whatever in his or her power to save or serve a higher purpose than himeself or herself. a real soldier, the one that serves the nation will beat down any other "souljah" from the street worst than u can imagine, nigg* they everywhere. gangs aint deserve respect, soldiers r the real souljahz nigg* they get paid for what they do, and they got a purpose not to protect n serve their hood.. w*f. how dumb does that sh*t sound. for what? respect? nigg* u dont just gain respect. u earn that sh*t. all ya gang bangin b*tches need the soldiers to RE-define ur word for you, tell that to a marine n lets see what he or she tells you.

if u claim to be a souljah and u aint servin the US of A then i suggest stop that because u be embarrassin your self, you're too pu55y to join so you claim some dumb sh*t. craaazy wannabe. step up.
sign up to any of the branches and lets see if you can hang then if you graduate call yourself a souljah but if you dont even reach the requirements then you besta fade because honest truth youre just plain sorry up to no good street dirt
by xxxxxxxxreal May 21, 2009
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