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1) Any type of fall back from a grenade. i.e. sexualy transmitted dieases, call backs from grenades, unwanted and unexplainable hookups or friendships.

2) Consequences of taking one for the group or friend at the club or when just hanging out.
Tyrone: Hey, remember that grenade i took for u at the club last week?
Biggs: Yeah...appreiate that....that ungly broad was cockblocking the shit out of me, throwing up the most impenatrable bitch shield i ever seen. i still got ass though.
Tyrone: Man fuck that and u too. I got so much fragmentation from that hoe i can't sleep. Bitch talking bout she might be pregnant and i only known her a week. She calling my house and job leaving messeges knowing my wife work with me. To top it off..I haven't stopped itching since i fucked that hoe.
by c.w.w September 05, 2006

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This is when u take a dump on a chics chest, then make her run out in the cold and steam comes off her.
Tom: What happened with that chic Jenny from the office? She's going around saying you ain't shit.
Cleve: Damn shrimp fucked my stomach up. Told that bitch I didn't wanna fuck, but she just wouldn't stop. So when she topping me off, she screamed out, " u da shit." and i thought she said,"u can shit". Next thing you know, she was running outside throwin up from the stentch of the Cleavland Steamer I gave her.
by c.w.w September 05, 2006

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