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When your urge to play fortnite overwhelms your desire to go to school or work.
I am home today instead of at school because I have a bad case of fortnitis.
by MilllllllliB March 01, 2018
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A disease in which one is obsessed with a video game. Derives from the game Fortnite which nobody can stop playing at my school. The only cure is if someone in power bans the infected game.
by Noodle- May 28, 2018
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Fortnitis is the constant urge to play the game Fortnite, and to post about “ez dubs” on Snapchat.
Oh boy. Looks like Johnny has a case of Fortnitis.
by Webster’s Dictionary June 03, 2018
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A horrible disease that may lead to more horribilitiness. Is caused by too much play of Fortnite. Symptoms are: square eyes, cramped hands, and too much shout of curse words. WARNING THERE IS A WIDESPREAD DESEASE OF FORTNITIS, PLAY MAGIKARP AND MOBG.IO INSTEAD!!!! (seriously look up
John: Steve, I'm afraid ou friend Justin has left us...
Steve: What!? How!?
John: Fortnitis
Steve: God have mercy.
by Choxluree January 24, 2019
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