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the object of a fornicator's fornication.

analogous to the positions of employers in relation to employees.

i.e., fornie is to fornication as employee is to employment

simply put, a former (or current) fuck buddy.
Thing 1: i ran into jessie last nite
Thing 2: who?
Thing 1: jessie, that old fornie i used to bang back in austin
Thing 2:'s she lookin now?
Thing 1: like living plastic... she went and got the cali treatment.
Thing 2: bummer...
Thing 1: indeed.
by AlexParkerEmcee May 09, 2009
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Shortened name for "the Fornicator", an affectionate name given to those lucky such people who have photos taken of them in compromising positions (taken unawares), therefore blessing you with a name that you can never shake.
Oh look at Fornie! She's at it again!

She's about to get her fornie on!
by the_flange August 05, 2008
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