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A forny or forn for short, is a person who regularly fornicates or has sex outside of marriage.
That Ted's a forny.

Forny, forny, Ted's so horny.
by CattlesRgreat August 07, 2017
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food-horny; horny for food.

used for food porn purposes, particularly to entice others with how delicious your food is, and make them salivate in the process.
"So, guess what I'm eating?"
"No idea."
"Apple pie a la mode with hot fudge sauce dribbling down the ice cream. Total sweetness in my mouth."
"Stop making me forny!"
by sparkd March 18, 2010
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Something that is funny in a corny way and/or vice versa
Person #1: Man, those naked gun movies sure are forny.
Person #2: Yeah, tell me about it.
by Ms.Anthropy April 19, 2009
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A word to describe the state of being both fat and horny. Fat girls don't get any as often, and therefore are more desperate to go out and get laid. It doesn't matter how ugly you are, if you are fit and pay the least bit of attention to a forny bitch she will return the attention with all her forny being.

Forny bitches always know how to ruin a night. Oftentimes you'll find one of these amongst a group of hot girls. Once intoxicated, the forny bitch will became your worst nightmare at hooking up with any of the attractive girls in the group. These are called forny den-mothers. They constantly demand attention even though they deserve none. They are not amusing, they are never attractive, avoid at all costs!
"Fuck that forny bitch, if it wasn't for her, I'd have woken up next to a slammin' hottie."

"Go eat some burger king and leave me alone you forny whore!"

"Dude I totally fell for that forny gross beezy last night. Talk about beer goggles."
by RMazz January 15, 2010
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Being or getting horny from a friend or siblings getting action or ass.
Digital is so forny from Indonova's luck with the women these days.
by Indonova February 13, 2009
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