"Slimming" is the vaginal or anal insertion of a liquor (usually vodka) soaked tampon for the purpose of rapid intoxication.

Usually an attempt by a teenager to avoid detection of alcohol on their breath.
guy: What was she drinking last night? She was TRASHED!
girl: Oh, she was slimming!
by John Jacobsen June 19, 2008
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Stop it. Most commonly used by The Maze Runner Fandom and Newt. Usually directed towards Minho
Minho: You like Thomas don't you Newt? #Newtmas
Newt: Slim it, Minho!
by CrankNewt March 30, 2016
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Another word that can be used in place of "dogg" or "dude"
Move outta the way slim I cant see.
by Jungle March 18, 2003
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punk ass terrorists who have sex with donkey cuz they womens is too ugly. taxi cab drivin, sister fuckers. aka. pakis/bins/alla-fuckers. short for muslims.
yo i need a cab, flag the slim down.
fuckin slims.
that slim looks shady
by slimkilla November 28, 2003
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A nice shape for a woman to be as well as curvy, because it isn't the same as skinny (petruding ribs etc)
Two girls walk down the street, one curvy one slim.

Man 1: They both look nice.
Man 2: Yeah, they do.
by happygolucky86 March 29, 2010
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Slims are sunglasses. The words origin dates back to Eminem's Slim Shady song. Shady being the goal of sunglasses (shading the eyes) Slims is now a recognised alternative name for sunglasses
Hey bro have you got a pair of slims I can borrow?
by Major Fraser July 15, 2019
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