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A word which obviously has many definitions because none of these are the same.

My guess: a term of endearment. Just because I can.
Don't mess with him, he be my bray!
by Pretty Emily February 4, 2005
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another term for "piss off" or any other thing meaning get a life or something. Characterized in the song "Kiss Off" by the Violent Femmes.
Ya'll can just kiss off into the air.
by Pretty Emily February 26, 2005
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All those girls that sit in the middle of the cafeteria, sitting right across from the hottest semi-athletic boys (not the real ones, cuz the GREAT athletes are nerds) but never actually acknowledge the boys because they are too busy gossiping with the girls sitting next to them. They tend to trade off boyfriends with each other after about a week, and always hate their ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, even if it WAS their best friend. These girls serve no real purpose in the world except to advertise Hollister and Abercrombie, make boys want them because they think they can get some off of them, and the other girls hate themselves for not being able to be "beautiful" like them.

Wouldn't we all be beautiful wearing that kinda stuff? COME ON! They're just good at picking out clothes and make up, I WOULDN'T call that "beauty".
Yeah... Kelsie may be one of the popular girls, but it's only cuz she shops at that stupid Hollister or whatever.
by Pretty Emily March 19, 2005
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Hey, come to my hizzou later and we can catch the latest nizzou.
by Pretty Emily August 2, 2004
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A person that has a crush on someone, assumes it is true love, and must automatically date their crush. The relationships between a crush slut and a normal person are relatively short, and even shorter if there are two crush sluts. After breaking up, the crush slut will find someone new within the first week. The cycle never ends until they die, apparently.
My friend's Brando and Amelia are quite the crush sluts; they've had more significant others than I've had chocolate! AND I'M FRIGGIN' HUGE!
by Pretty Emily February 6, 2005
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An interjection like "holy crap", but toned down so that it can be used without offense. I came up with it before going to church camp... because swearing was obviously not looked kindly upon. If you decide to say, "HOLY GOODNESS!", please remember that you did not come up with such a clever phrase. Can also be spelled "holy goodnezz!" for dramatic purposes.
by Pretty Emily November 21, 2004
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