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Indescribably pleasing, but not necessarily sexually attractive. Unconventional beauty is something that you don't know what it is, but you think that person is wonderful. Being hot does not make a person beautiful.
She may not be a sex goddess, but gosh is that girl beautiful.
by Pretty Emily March 27, 2005

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A very well-lit store that is found in a lot of big malls. The clothes are very pretty, and usually somewhat inexpensive. All the clothes are made for people that are (in my opinion) under a size 5, have no hips or but whatsoever, and enjoy showing their heavily busted chest. That's why I buy their skirts!

Most of the clothes are actually shirts, most of the time over-decorated, but hey... someone's gotta give nice stuff for cheap!
I just went to Forever 21 last weekend... no wonder they sell sunglasses! It's so friggin' bright in their! MY EYES!
by Pretty Emily March 19, 2005

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All those girls that sit in the middle of the cafeteria, sitting right across from the hottest semi-athletic boys (not the real ones, cuz the GREAT athletes are nerds) but never actually acknowledge the boys because they are too busy gossiping with the girls sitting next to them. They tend to trade off boyfriends with each other after about a week, and always hate their ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, even if it WAS their best friend. These girls serve no real purpose in the world except to advertise Hollister and Abercrombie, make boys want them because they think they can get some off of them, and the other girls hate themselves for not being able to be "beautiful" like them.

Wouldn't we all be beautiful wearing that kinda stuff? COME ON! They're just good at picking out clothes and make up, I WOULDN'T call that "beauty".
Yeah... Kelsie may be one of the popular girls, but it's only cuz she shops at that stupid Hollister or whatever.
by Pretty Emily March 19, 2005

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An excellent, heavily sugar-coated cereal that wakes me up in the morning. Features red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple whole grain rings that make me oh so happy.
I had a bowl of Fruit Loops this morning. Now I won't be able to sleep for days... crap...
by Pretty Emily October 20, 2004

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A person that is strictly homosexual. They do not stray from that curvy path.
Me: I figured out why everyone hates us.
Life Partner: Why?
Me: Probably because we're raging homosexuals.
by Pretty Emily December 10, 2004

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another term for "piss off" or any other thing meaning get a life or something. Characterized in the song "Kiss Off" by the Violent Femmes.
Ya'll can just kiss off into the air.
by Pretty Emily February 25, 2005

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used in the case if something or someone is so awesome, that it rocks your socks off. Used like, "Hey! You're so cool! You rock my socks off!" It's a very nice thing to say to one of your friends that's about to do something cool
"Andrea! You rock my socks off!!! GO FOREST LAKE!!"
by Pretty Emily October 16, 2004

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