To speak with a very loud voice
Hark at the TS on that!
by Posh Lion August 3, 2005
I am A Ts, Do you know what TS mean?
by TS Candii March 16, 2023
A Jewish boy school where the f boys of Brooklyn attend. Ts boys are over hyped for their looks even tho they ain’t that cute. They think they are they are the shit. The boys hang out on ave M and there hobbies consist of: smoking weed and hooking up.
Jewish girl: hey did you see that hot Ts boy over there?!
Other Jewish girl: naw he’s not that cute. He just wants a bj!
by Unicorn Lover 230 August 28, 2019
hater: i aint gonna go out tonight... clubs are full of rapists these days bro
rapist: Ts bro... see you in half hour.
by kkxp February 8, 2019