when you become attached during intercourse
if you ever have a foppa seek medical attention emiediatly.
Its very dangerous and amputation may occur.
foppa. ow.

i had a foppa. then i became a mormen nun

foppa. sex. EW
by vargus July 29, 2006
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fuck up, dire mistake, huge error.
I warned Karen about letting Ethan go and avoid a major foppa of her life.
The oil companies should take serious measure in avoiding foppas like oil spills in ocean and killing marine life.
by medicii February 2, 2019
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Swedish word for being super-whipped or a super-toffel in Swedish

Also a slipper desiged by the famous hockey player Peter foppa Forsberg
I think that Benjy is going to be a foppa toffel.

Björn is a foppa toffel.

Tom isn't a foppa toffel, all he wants to do is skeetskeetskeet.
by Foppatoffel March 1, 2008
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A lifestyle which only a few can actually persue.

only a few lucky guys can say they are foppa crew.

Based on the word Foppa

Foppa Crew is found saying,

Where You From?
Shut The Fuck Up....CJ!
Ohhhhh Shit!
Foppa Crew #77 Pat
Foppa Crew #98 JT
Foppa Crew #87 Stinger
Foppa Crew # 7 Jack
Foppa Crew #31 Allgood
Foppa Crew # 9 Wiz

by Pat 21 February 23, 2008
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