The act of sending a person from one bureau to another, claiming it's in the other bureau domain.
Those bureaucrats do the footy with a person till he goes bananas, but when you owe them, they go straight to the point.
by Shapoklak April 07, 2014
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a fat faggot who loves the cock more than anything. he sits around all day long thinking about dicks he wants to suck. one time in the locker room he tried to suck my dick and it was quite frightening i tried to push him away but he took me down the rolls on his body squished me and i couldnt move so i twisted his man titties till they turned purple.

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hey footy get off my dick!

your such a footy stop suckings guys's dicks.

why are you such a footy i dont like it when you suck my dick?
by john beluchi June 20, 2008
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A shortened version of the word football used in:

Australia to mean either:
Australian Rules football
Rugby League
Rugby Union

England to mean:
I'm off to the footy this Friday night to see my beloved Kangaroos thump Collingwood. Man those Magpie supporters are bogans.
by Ash April 12, 2005
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Short for "football", used in Australia to describe Australian Rules Football, Rugby League and sometimes even Rugby Union.
We're off to the footy.
by The Slater November 04, 2003
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Slang for football - can mean many different sports depending where said -

Australia - AFL (Australian Rules) or Rugby Leauge/Union NRL

U.S.A - American Football/Gridiron

Europe, South America - They call it football, we call it soccer.

Asia, Anywhere else - I dunno wtf it means
Footy is fun to play and watch, both especially more fun if you are shitfaced.
by Nezbit. January 05, 2005
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What Europeans should call there football, so they stop complaining on what we call there soccer. Honestly, the word soccer was used by EUROPEANS before Americans used it!

And no, we don't call football footy
Soccer - Footy

American Football - Football

Rugby Football - Rugby

Canadian Football - CFL

Aussie Rules - Whatever the fuck you want
by Spikesy July 23, 2006
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