go as fast as you can go
foot flat on the gas!
by jawg June 19, 2010
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Flat-footed: Slow, behind the times, stupid, dull, dumb. Not fast enough to "catch up".
Jim was caught flat-footed in his response to the question regarding the latest techno gizmo's.
by Douglas Schmidt June 18, 2008
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When a woman is on top during sex but she has her feet flat on the bed/floor/car seat for extra leverage and a stronger thrust.
She was on top and she was flat footing me.

You've not lived until she's flat footed you whilst on top.
by ColdDesert August 26, 2015
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Expression for the system administrator which is extremely untidy and his office is a complete mess. Flat foot means that there is only enough space underneath his door to slide a box of pizza.
His office is a mess, he is a flat foot.
by s1m0n.lfs October 3, 2008
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Flat foot originated in early American military. Referring to a soliders center feet not being arched upward. The heal, ball, and center are all in line. This would result in thier supposed abilities to move quickly in danger, aim under pressure, march like the rest, and would stand out.

2nd definition came over time do to how flat footed people would act do to thier conditions.

So flatfoot would refer to any people who didn't want to do thier job, lazy, slow, bad posture, 9 to 5er just for the paycheck, screw over their fellow man, taking credit for others work do to their ability.
1st. There's a flat foot in our squad, we might need to stay back. Where only as strong as our weakes member, the flat foot.

2nd. If you wanna hire someone from the union thats fine. But your gonna pay flat foot prices done by flat foot people.
by twostepbobby June 17, 2020
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The first time I heard this from a friend of mine, I laughed all day long...
I had the runs so bad I could "Stand Flat Footed and Shit over a Covered Wagon!"
by 2Charvels January 11, 2011
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A flat-footed prostitute with venereal disease. "Floogie" was a substitute for "floozie" so the song, - written by Slim Gaillard - could be played on the radio. Floy-doy. Floy-doy. Floy-doy.
Flat-Foot Floogie With A Floy-Floy, Louis Armstrong and the Mills Brothers, youtube.com/watch?v=yLwGna15NcI
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