The only acceptable kink to shame
Man: "I have a foot fetish-"

Woman: "HELLO, POLICE?!"
by Matt Dove March 2, 2021
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When a male has a overwhelming desire to interact with someone's feet.
Girl 1. "Ugh. He is so wierd he keeps messing with my feet."
Girl 2. "He must have a foot fetish."
by Anamenobodyelseisusing March 8, 2011
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To be sexually attracted to people’s feet. The foot fetish is probably the most common of all the fetishes.
Hotel manager: I had to fire John the porter today. I caught him going into guest’s rooms at night to sniff their feet.

Hotel Janitor: That’s fucking vile, I always knew that guy had a foot fetish. I’m so glad you fired him Mr Shipley.

Hotel manager: Me too, and I will report him to the police. Now in the meantime let’s all get to work, we’ve got a big day.
by WHISKEYMAN1234 January 24, 2018
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Creepy old men will seriously pay me money on a website to watch my feet... I make 5 dollars a minute, WTF is hot about feet???

I feel there is no reason to explain further.
Hey man I really want to rub off on your feet because I have a foot fetish.
by Matthew Alex October 21, 2011
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a guy who lieks to suck on other guys feet; or mastubate with feet
he has a gay foot fetish
by Zacc September 1, 2007
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The act of using this popular fruit roll-up treat to stimulate and arouse your partner in a number of ways including blind folding them with it, wrapping it around their penis when giving a blow job, or rubbing it on a woman's genitals.
Who knew Jenny's Fruit by the Foot fetish would have given me the blow job of the century?
by mlvd742 December 5, 2009
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