Pondering about something while fondling yourself.
I just sat around today fondering about what to do tomorrow.
by chaingrabber January 11, 2015
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Something absolutely amazing, perfect, awe inspiring, gorgeous and closer than God.
"Oh dude, can I have a Fonder?"
by Alixander Mcdean November 6, 2009
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to leave; to get the hell out of (but in the manner that does not require hurry)
usually done lazily
emm: yo this is boring as hell
ham: yeah b, let's fonder
emm: let's
by P.M.B. February 4, 2008
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Refers to someone's seeming more likeable and/or attractive due to your having swigged a sizable quantity of anise-flavored liquor.
John: I can't believe that Joe actually took that fat scruffy bar-floozie home with him!
Jack: Well, Dude, after a few stiff drinks, practically ANY woman will look good --- "absinthece makes the heart grow fonder"!
by QuacksO January 13, 2023
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A magical place called Wonder Fonder Candy Land
by August 23, 2023
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