4 definitions by P.M.B.

a pair of marc jacobs sunglasses
also can be named "marc jacobs goggles"
josh: "budday!!! I got marcobs!!!"
peter: "holy mother of god."
by P.M.B. February 4, 2008
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to leave; to get the hell out of (but in the manner that does not require hurry)
usually done lazily
emm: yo this is boring as hell
ham: yeah b, let's fonder
emm: let's
by P.M.B. February 4, 2008
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lil waynes new alter-ego as an R&B singer
soon to be heard on his supposed new album "Luv Sawngz"
idiot: "Yo i love T-Pain"
josh: "Man... fuck T-Pain..its all about T-Wayne"
b-more: "ye"
by P.M.B. March 30, 2008
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by P.M.B. January 27, 2009
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