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A variation of 'faggot', but designed for those who are sick of the word 'faggot' and it's pseudo-manly, fake alpha male appeal. Especially those in chatrooms who throw about the word 'faggot' every fucking second without realising there is no 'sexuality' in a 'chat room'. Also, not to mention, 'faggot' is by far the most boring, meaningless insult in existence. Therefore, the word foggot is a funnier, more witty usage of the word. Which doesn't 100% have to mean homosexual and isn't 100% insulting. Thus, it can be thrown at anyone, even yourself, and you never really know what to expect from this word, hahahahahaha.
Y R U SUCH A FOGGOT, OMG EYE H8 U/How are you, foggot?/Fuck you (insert shortened name)fog!
etc, etc.
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Advanced stage of faggot, where the named person needs to plug his rear up with a cork in order to keep his shit inside his ass. This is due to too much ass-ing his partner and not being able to control his rectal muscles
Hey, look, that foggot has shat his pants once again. He must've forgotten his assplug.
by Jou ma January 25, 2004
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