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verb-fogged, get fogged, got fogged

The act of getting disoriented, distracted, hurt, "fucked up", or "owned" by the "swamp fog" on the final ramp of the "Tornado Run" event on Nickelodeon Guts. It is now used as another term for getting messed up or shown up by another person or object, usually in place of the phrase "fucked up".
Jay "the warrior" Wright had an awesome time on that run, but did you see that little girl? She went into the fog then faceplanted! She got fogged up! or Shiiit, Mike just about got fogged up by that sword whorin' bitch!
by Nightbinger July 25, 2008
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verb-satch, to satch, satching

The act of opening a beer(or other alcoholic beverage) at the beginning of a night of drinking and holding that beer for a long period of time, taking an extremely long time to finish it. Usually done to prolong the "getting drunk" process, or to hope noone notices to make you look "cool" because your holding your beer/cup of drink all night.
"Hey have you noticed that Chris has been satching that same Bud Heavy all night?"
by Nightbinger July 25, 2008
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1.--In the Video game Halo and any of its sequels, it is the act of 4 players (usually playing on the same team) performing a teabag action on 1 person's dead body.

2.--The best Halo 2 clan ever.
Ah shit, he got noscoped so we all hopped down to the center of lockout for not just a triple bag, but a bagtacular!
by Nightbinger July 25, 2008
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noun-a lowfam

A person who plays Halo 2 (almost always black) who is racist to againts white people, is terrible at the game, and is usually the cause of his team to lose.
That sorry ass lowfam may have gotten more than 2 kills if he hadn't been so distracted by the IRS bangin at his door and missing his job interview!
by Nightbinger July 25, 2008
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