FOGA is Fear Of Going Away.
It is a state of mental and emotional strain caused by fear of going away from a place where you spent your vacation.

Usually occurs when you've had an epic vacation or a party and you fear going back to reality, thus face major withdrawals.
The trip has almost come to an end leading to FOGA.

Don't let FOGA take over dude, we will plan another road trip.
by TripperTells July 27, 2016
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the type of yoga that is preformed by house wifes only to achive tight buns and thighs, not to reach any type of spirital enlightenment. Also part of a trend
I was discusted when i went to the gym and passed by the foga class.
by Amykinns June 23, 2008
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A expert or Olympic style of love making patented by the ever so sexy and famous Brit "Unicorn Kitty" Pharaoh and J. "Daddy" Haynes. A combination sex and yoga where high levels of sweat are involved.

A form of sex that takes the participates yoga and fucking skills to their limit.
Her - Wow babe! That sex last night was amazing. We fucked like it was our job!

Him - Hell yes it was girl. We got that Foga down pat shawty
by Jdhaynes86 June 29, 2018
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