When receiving a blowjob, laying down, and about to reach climax, the male farts in the females face, to warn her of the incoming load.
Male: Mmm... Baby, I think I'm gonna... *FART!!!!*
Female: *after removing the penis from her mouth* EWW!!! You just gave me the fog horn!!!
by Mass Special October 04, 2008
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(1)-Distorted Voice
(2)-Person whos likes to be heard. Plays to the audience usually when supervisors are in ear shot.
(3)- Is aroused sexually when in the company of supervisors, ass kisser.
Distorted voice is the result of been stuck up the supervisors ass, large cavernious area. Nosie energy tends to rebound off internal walls thus resulting in the distorted fog horn sound
by Charrington July 02, 2009
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When your/any girl is riding you like seabiscuit and reaches back to flop your ballsack around like it owes her money.
Yo, last night this chick hit me with the fog horn...I busted so hard she landed on the moon.
by ssmacg December 21, 2014
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A Fog horn is when you pepper spray a girl, and she proceeds to suck you off.
Yo dude, sarah totally let me fog horn her last night.
by ELiTeWEEEeeeenfhewiuhiuwehlkhi December 06, 2018
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When giving it to some chick (or man, if you swing that way) in the ass, and the recipient of the cock farts while the cock is still penetrating the anal cavity.
"Dude! She wanted it anal last night and I gave it to her, but right before I blew my load, she gave me a fog horn."
by wetback bro March 25, 2010
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When a woman is preforming the art of "salad tossing" and one's self relieves himself by releasing an excrament of his own natural gas (farts) into her mouth. Usually preforming the London Fog Horn will leave the recipiant in an irate state of mind and has been know to lead to a violent reaction.
I was watching this porno when this dude gave this bitch the "London Fog Horn" and man did she get pissed off! Man that shit was funny!
by Billy Bingham November 09, 2006
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A sex act in which you stretch someone’s gaping anus, and scream the words of god into their cream hole.
I was so excited when said she would give me the ukranian fog horn. Too bad it ruptured my anus.
by Sponsored_rapist February 07, 2019
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