This is simply a abbreviated way to say "fuck off". And I don't care how you vote, that's what it is.
If you voted thumbs down, you can just foff!
by meehs October 23, 2006
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A mixture of one of the best phrases ever, fuck off. Use it when defending yourself, your friends, or anything you hold dear to you.
MulletMan aka Ethan - Omg I hate your shoes Blondie

Rawkitup - FOFF

Blondie - FOFF! THE TWATIOSITY OF YOU! (see twatiosity)
by Blondie and Rawkitup June 3, 2005
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to steal; most commonly to ks or to steal clan recruits.

Derived from the name of an infamous theif. Used in negative terms.
Don't foff my kill, asshole.

Oh man, you foffed all the jelly donuts.

Quick, catch them! They're foffing the moogles!
by b33f October 14, 2004
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This is what Stephy says to me when I correct her spelling or vocabulary. Like who can't say vocabulary anyway! Abbreviation for fuck off.
Stephy: I am...truelly...
Raffy: You're spelling is horrable! LOL
Stephy: foff Raffy! LOL
by Raffy August 18, 2004
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A combination of fuck and off
"your cheez-itz are stale"

by Señor plantera September 1, 2015
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Other person: moan, moan ...
You: foff
by ness2020 April 12, 2011
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Foff: Contraction of Fuck and Off. I.E. go foff yourself!
(A) Replacement for Fuck: you're foffed up, I foffed her, my boss was super foffed about me being late...
(B) anyone described as or with the word "foff" in any variation would typically not be held in high regard by anyone in the immediate conversational community.
Dude, I'm foffed.
Foff yourself.
I foff'd her/him and will ner call back
by Mmd1486 March 11, 2020
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