fax no printer, a longer way of saying facts or fax. It is used when you agree with something, or it is undeniably true.
you: math is hard
me: fnp
by lauryn w. March 11, 2019
fnp means Fuck Now Please
Your Chattin so some bitch online and you say, "lets FNP", so you get some ass, as easy as that.
by jones df January 26, 2006
Full Negro Package, pertaining to things that are decked out, high quality, or fully loaded.
A-"Dude thats a sick car, is it fully loaded?"
B-"Yesir, I got the FNP on this bitch"
by BigDickChris1213 August 18, 2011
Yo son, we going for that FNP friday right???
by Idk45 October 4, 2011
The 'Friendly Neighboorhood Patrol' ~ Daytime Alias and karmic cover for a hardcore gang of night-prowling hooligans in northern California driven to keep the populace informed of local safety issues and general regional awareness by ANY MEANS NECESSARY! Bullying you into a safer tomorrow~
situation: a bunch of kids gathering in a local park are getting ready to go for a bike ride, as an unmarked FNP vehicle on patrol drives by, agents announce "Don't forget to wear your helmets! it's SAFE, AND it's the LAW! ...or ELSE!"
by ideja August 20, 2008
Means: Fairly New Property.

Wow, FNP is good, cuz its kind of new!
Wow FNP rocks, its kinda new!
by Sammy Gerb March 25, 2005
147A Friday night project. Getting mullered. Being nailed.
Don't even know you mate, I'm gunna get mullered at FNP.
by nikkilovesbream February 17, 2008