futu-ti mortii matii !!! (romanian insult)
"-Imi scriu la mate! :D"
"-Fmm de retardat!"
by loc.dogg November 26, 2007
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female manipulator music, the music she listens to that should already warn u (the smiths, Alex g, Lana del Rey, Mitski, men i trust, beach house, the strokes, cigarettes after sex, rex orange county, mother mother, strawberry guy, current joys, TV girl, Marc Demarco,..)
She listens to fmm? damn i already know she's a toxic and depressed bitch.
by March 22, 2021
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fuck my mouth...to state something totally inappropriate, yet needs to be said.
" wow that girl looks like a broke down version of a broke down mariah carey in the movie precious! FMM."

"why are all these hood rats and bottom bitches here at the club, FMM"
by sydneytaty May 8, 2010
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Boy: "FMM"
Girl: "What did she do?"
Boy: "She's a total bitch to me and won't let me do anything!"
by JollyLlama September 26, 2010
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-Yo, how did you pull that girl? she's way out of your league!
by majin93 August 20, 2016
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From Memory Masturbation - when instead of using actual porno, you have sexual memories so freaking amazing that you are able to successfully crank it to those memories.
I didn't feel like going incognito mode, so I just FMM'd to that day Christy rode me in the backseat of my truck in broad daylight and I blew all over her behind.
by TheRichardFlair69 February 7, 2018
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abbv. for "Fuck My Migraine", like in FML
i've had a migraine for 3 f* days, FMM!
by Elliken April 28, 2010
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