This terms refers to a bunch of non-sensical talk or when someone keeps talking a bunch of bullshit. I first heard it when I moved to Philly, but don't know the exact origination.
Man, she was talking all that fly shit the other day, but I wasn't payin chic no mind.
by Bailey all day June 11, 2010
To have an epic meltdown, tantrum

When someone is so upset they are screaming and losing their ever loving mind

Say it fast- it rolls off the tongue
Person 1- I tried to give my baby cough medicine
And she had a flying shit fit. She was screaming and crying!

Person 2- damn that’s the craziest flying shit fit I’ve ever heard of
by Lovey chipmunk December 10, 2018
its where you take a rolled up pair of clean or dirty socks put the end that has the opening into your spread ass cheeks fart hold for there for 3 seconds until stank has set in throw at your target stank will disperse on impact
chris got rachel & bitchface with a flying shit storm.
by Dustin Wrather December 1, 2009
1. The act of being nit-picky to a ridiculous degree.
2. To meticulously analyze minutia.
"They shouldn't be allowed to call their CD 'Unplugged' because, technically, the microphones were plugged in."

"For crying out loud Bob, stop picking the fly shit out of the pepper.
by BKMantova September 3, 2010
self explanatory
Those burritos gave me a terminal case of the flying monkey shits...bathroom is quarantined for the next hour!!
by noseed August 28, 2021