the act of removing a bastard of the womb.
Girl: I'm pregnant

Guy: Oh shit, is it mine.

Girl: It has to be.

Guy: Better go flush it out.
by mikey10toes August 25, 2010
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When the toilet looks like it's not going to flush, but suddenly lets go at the last minute. Happens especially when you start digging for the plunger. Ususally a pleasant surprise (especially when in a strange bathroom with no plunger).
Guy triumphantly emerging from bathroom: "Flush fake-out! I thought I was going to have to wrestle that turd down the toilet, but just as I reached for the plunger it let go all on its own."
by LongWayfromHome September 23, 2010
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v. phrase used by clueless execs who believe it means the same as the consultant-speak term flesh out.
1) "Yeah.... ok. We have some good ideas for the new TPS reports. Now we just need to flush out the details in order to optimize our end-game efficiencies."

2) "Why don't you flush out that idea for our new product while I drive around town in my new Blackwood."
by Blackwoodz May 17, 2005
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The painful, though ultimately satisfying, process of removing all extraneous fecal matter from a screenplay in an effort to reduce page count and to inflict less damage on prospective readers.
After his first draft of "Man Goes To Grocery Store" clocked in at 175 pages Timmy realized it was time to look into flushing out his bloated script.
by Talon T. Ville June 11, 2014
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after dutch ovening your bed, you gently lift one area of the blanket or sheets allowing air to come out of the "oven" and flow towards your partner or friend.
"whats that horrid smell, did you shit the bed?"

"na I just had to flush out my oven baby"

"id prefer if you flushing out your oven in another direction"
by Jon Josephssssssss August 10, 2008
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