Getting kicked out of college because you have gotten too many low grades.
If you just loaf around in college, you will flunk out. You will then be SOL the rest your life, since you will never have the education you need to get a job any better than flipping burgers.
by CanDA19 June 25, 2006
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Flunk Out - verb

To flunk out is to party on a weeknight before a test, exam, quiz, etc. One gets so inebriated that he/she flunks his/her test, exam, quiz, etc. Another word for faded, throwed, or any other synonym, but with more meaning.
"Hey man, do you plan on going out tonight? You have two exams tomorrow."

"I plan to just flunk out tonight."

"Damn shame, my dude."
by Animal Edge July 06, 2012
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Slim: Hey, I hear that Koolaidria just got fired from her customer service job at Direct TV. What's ol' girl gonna do fo' money?

Jim: She's about to flunk out a pup an' scoop up some more child support, WIC and gov'ment cheese.
by PsyopJedi January 23, 2011
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To fail a course, test or exam because you spent too much time partying and not enough studying.
"Hey, want to study for our Liberal Arts test?"
"No way man! I'm gonna flunk out with my junk out!"
by flunkking69 January 22, 2010
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