Direct TV is when you are unable to view programs on your television.

Direct TV is an inconvenient situation that you have to put more effort than originally planned to obtain a simple request.

Direct TV means having to brush snow, ice, or debris from anything to get it to work when it was suppose to work on its own.

Direct TV means braving dangerous conditions for little satisfaction.
"Did you see John last night?"
"No, it was a direct tv, too much work"

"Hey did you see the game?"
"No, I have Direct TV"

"Why are you on your roof during the snowstorm?"
"Because I have Direct TV"
by leo80 February 11, 2010
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Direct TV is a shit company, a waste of time because you can't watch anything. The channel is way too expensive.
"Tom I just took a shit," "oh you just took a direct TV? Gross."
by Direct TV is shit June 21, 2018
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