like a hummer but a lot harder and longer
GOD DAMN, she gave me a flummer last night
by bhflummer September 22, 2009
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Craig Ferguson's explanation for the days BEFORE Autumn and AFTER Summer: Labor Day- Sept. 21.
Girl 2: Shut up, it's still summer!
Girl 1: Nuh uh, summer's over silly! It's Flummer!
by Brianna_Ashlee September 23, 2009
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The event of a flat tummy often derived from a good diet, exercise and a healthy life style.
Leona had been working out really hard, and the result of that is her flummers.
by Gewer October 29, 2007
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The season between Summer and Fall which has cold mornings and nights, and has warm sunny days.
by guitarclimbing September 29, 2010
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An occurence where you obtain a flat tummy.
Leona has been working out hard and the result of it is her flummers.
by Gerald Young October 22, 2007
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