Fluffy Puff Marshmallows are not sponsered by Homnestar Runner, Theyre ADVERTISED by him... Marshie is FPM's mascot who is a talking (freaky looking) marshmallow
- HE'S GOING THIS WAY!! - Don't you like him? Kids ask for him by name ("Wha'?" "Huh?")

"Befow I dwink a tall gwass of mewwonade, I like to eat abowt a hundwed and fowty-seven FLUFFITY PUFFITY MARSHALADES!!" - The Homestar Runner
by Luke October 21, 2003
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A popular brand of Marshmallows wnjoyed by Homestar Runner and friends, advertised by marshie, an over-exitable giant marshmallow.
"Stack 'em to the heavens!"
by Mallory December 23, 2003
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