Fluffin- is when you are the king of your own pirate ship and own gorillas and stuff that think you are their god
Bob- yesterday i was fluffin my f'ing brains out and you know how like in the sandlot they have their old 30 year old voices in their head, but they are actually kids, its like that if you also owned your own pirate ship with gorillas aboard it.

Tom- WTF
by Big Fluffin November 1, 2009
a young, (mostly a puppy) dog which is very fluffy, or just fluffy
''hey! do you have photos of your dog?''
''No, I don't.''
''how does it look like?''

''it is an orange fluffin''
by sad pup May 28, 2019
Someone who gossips or speaks without purposeful intent. One who's sole/soul purpose is to cause drama, chaos and/or negativity. I.e.Melanie is the office fluffinator.
by D-Woman August 5, 2018
That Feelin' you get whence donning a fur collar
I'm fluffing in the club and everyone else dressin like white guys at a bbq.
by Kramer Sarlacc Pit October 10, 2021
substitute for popping

Started By Andres and Daniel Aka Goldenchild
Adam: What's Fluffin
Jim: Nothing just chilling
by Eric blk August 21, 2009
an arse with an excess of hair
Bradley you fluffins
by J'ohdeey October 13, 2009
When you purposely wear a pair of low-rider jeans so tight so that you have to pull your glutes up and out, arranging or fluffing them into position.
That perfect muffin top look is the result of some expert muffin fluffin’, I am sure!
by Dr Bunnygirl August 8, 2020