The act of flapping and running, esp. seagulls
We saw a whole flock of seagulls at the beach fluckering. This word was created by my son, Matt, at the age of six. He wanted to know what the seagulls were doing, and when we couldn't tell him what it was called, he said they were fluckering.
by Doggo Dane June 30, 2006
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When you're flustered beyond to the point of being fucked.
I am so beyond flustered right now that I'm fluckered.
by darylismypatronus March 26, 2016
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A variation of "fuckening". When you can't express your interior yells of disbelief through cussing and need a more creative word.
Karen told me that she was simply fluckering after being presented with the watermelons she hated so much.
by Chey Berry June 22, 2016
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look at that flucker
that flucker is fine
i want that flucker in my bed
by ILIBIB May 22, 2009
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A joke word made up to discribe a person who is both intrested in card games and who likes to play table top role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons.
We fluckers gotta stick together...though im not sure what we should play tonight...magic the gathering or shadowrun?
by The Great Mr Slamm-0! July 18, 2005
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a motorist who does not maintain a constant speed on the freeway; a motorist who passes another motorist and then slows down; a motorist that speeds up when passed by another motorist, and then slows down; a f***er who fluctuates his/her speed on the freeway, usually disrupting the drive of other motorists.
I have passed that flucker five times now.
by Driving School March 17, 2009
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