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Pertaining to something loose and having an overwhelmingly amount of elasticity
That doing one-eyed hooker was like screwing a floppy donkey
by Patrik McGroin May 24, 2008
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The floppy donkey is when a guy spreads his legs slightly while standing and thrusts his hips back and forth furiously resulting in his pecker swinging back forth like a pindulum. The floppy donkey is most effective while wearing gym shorts or sweat pants!
When Janet bent over to pick up her pencil I molly-whopped her square in the face with my floppy donkey
by samps daddy January 26, 2011
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A girl with disproportionately large, hanging breasts.
Disgraced Canadian teacher William Fabel informed the class that D.G.'s pendulous bosum made her "a bona-fide floppy donkey, eh".
by Clarke the Tank October 27, 2005
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A person who is unable to successfully move their limbs due to extreme tiredness.
Conversing with said person is useless due to floppy donkey also affecting the brain.
To move someone who is a floppy donkey is close to impossible.
Guy "Honey do you wanna go somewhere?"
Girl *inaudible mumbling*
Guy "You're floppy donkey aren't you?"
Girl "Mmmmf"

I hate when she goes all floppy donkey on me, it's like she's made entirely of limbs!
by tyne wolfe June 15, 2013
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