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The foulest of all farts not involving shit stains in your pants, an underwater fart.
Darcie busted a mean flooper in the pool that capsized my toy sail boat.
by Cong Kong August 06, 2007
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A socially awkward dork, who doesn't bathe, do laundry, brush their teeth or use deoderant. They typically wear gaming clothes and can be found in front of a laptop or xbox, while gaming with other "floopers."

They are solitary creatures, but can travel in packs and are easily offended when you mock their stupid Japanese music that they listen to on their iPods.

They are are typically virgins, and will remain that way unless the planets align or someone with low self esteem chooses to mate with them.
Dude, I saw a flooper at GameStop. He was buying the new World of Warcraft game. He smelled like B.O.and Mountain Dew. He had a fanny pack to.

I was at the library and saw some floopers playing "Magic." They looked so pathetic.
by Sukmyshoe August 25, 2014
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The sometimes large flap of skin that hangs from one's neck. Can be stretched for maximum flooperage.
"Yo, did you see that guy's flooper?"
"Heck yes i did, it was huge."
by Karl Nero May 25, 2005
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A dog having ears which flop over themselves. To flop these ears back and forth is called "flooping". A single flop is a "floop". Thus, if a dog has ears which may be flooped, it is a flooper.
Awww, your Chow-Chow is adorable! Such a cute little flooper! May I floop him?
by HyTronix May 10, 2010
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Someone who neglects, either through intent or forgetfulness, to flush the toilet after pooping.
Eeeuuww! Who's the flooper?
by Don Farrar July 24, 2006
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n. Someone who uses the music production software program created by Image-Line Software and is really good at it.
Yo Cuzo, that dude 9th Wonder is an ill FLooper.
by Rod The Bod March 23, 2006
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One (most commonly a girl) whom bends her back and licks the anal sphincter to allocate an easy insertion of the penis.
"I was doing this girl in the butt, when it got dry, she flooped herself and I pounded it the rest of the night."

"I hope this prostitute is a flooper, because I forgot my anal lube!"

"Iv'e been known to hit it with some nasty-ass floopers in my day."
by B-nasty son February 17, 2008
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