The Philippines.
Country where pinoy and pinay are from.

Where flip's are from.
I'm headed flipside for a cousin's wedding.
by hotape6 February 7, 2005
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Someone who floats between the outcasts and the popular kids, and remains friends with both. (term usually used in highschools)
A: wait, but he's also friends with the weird kids. how?

B: idk, somehow he manages to pull off being a flipsider without either the weird kids or the popular guys hating him. its sort of a talent.
by small dead child November 14, 2020
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People use the word Flipside as a way to say 'Goodbye, I will see you later hopefully.' to their peers or saying goodbye to someone they visited-- Such as a cousin, coworker, ect.
by Azul Corajoso Definitions September 28, 2020
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When things are different.

When a circumstance has changed.
Well, if your not going to be happy we'll have to break up. See you on the flipside, sexy.
by DayZzz October 27, 2020
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Irvin Gengania Dina (born November 1st, 1992), better known by his stage names The Urban and Mistah Flipside, is a 16 year old producer/writer/rap artist. Born in Redwood City, California, the son of Stella Gengania and Romeo Dina, and is of Filipino descent. As a small child he had been exposed to hip-hop music by his brother Daryl Gengania-Dina, who was in his teenage years. As a young child, he became interested in hip-hop, performing and lip singing to artists such as Biggie, 2pac, and Eminem. Around the age of twelve Irvin had found the ambition to rap, and was under the name “D-Money“ and created the group “A-Unit“ around 2005, where his first song was written but not released. Within junior high school, he frequently was challenged in freestyle battles.

Through he would later struggle with the nature of his minuscule fame, as well as lyrical expectations, The Urban endured substantial obstacles throughout his young yet remarkably dramatic entrance into the rap game. Before becoming one of the most lyrical Asian rappers among his friends, being compared to rappers such as 50 cent, The Urban had suffered through hatred and harsh critics which the eye of ignorance had given him. Entering the hip hop game, The Urban had been exposed to negative comments from his peers, which pulled him out of the game for a while. Not knowing what he was putting himself into, he decided to take a break and learn the story behind Hip Hop. Stepping back into the game in the summer of 2008, he is experienced and ready for anything, following one of his goals to be a respected MC. Hoping to make it one day.
Guy 1: Hey, did you listen to The Urban's new remix?

Guy 2: That "From The Beginning Remix"? Yeah, it's really good.

Guy 3: I want to listen to the Urban Flipside remix too, where can i find it?

Guy 1:
by TheUrban March 8, 2009
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A FILIPINO crew in ghetto BEAVERTON and HILLSBORO!! WE bad asses fo sho. Dont mess with us!! cuz we go P-NUTZ!! on YO ass...ya dont gots to be FLIP to join...I believe the leader of this organization is John Llanes...the president of WETPAKS industry...
FOB: Ya her about da NEWS member ob dat Plipside Crew...
FOB2: O ya dat some badshit i her hes a real murder he kill wut he saw..
FOB3: I wish I in da crew...
by Anonymous February 20, 2005
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