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Alternatively D$, is an expert twerker and twin/doppelganger of multiple people who look nothing alike. A wearer of red heart-shaped sunglasses, R Kelly's "The World's Greatest" plays coincidentally whenever she enters a room. She is often recognized for her extremely wide eyes and her laugh can be heard for miles around.
You: "Oh my god, D-Money, stop being so amazing"
D$: "I just gotta be me"
by D$snumber1fan January 29, 2014
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one whos got the bills , one who lights up every day, one who pays for munchies, on who manages due to his/her financial status.
by Danny December 01, 2003
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A name given to a very skilled and mature person. One who knows realizes he is greater than all.
Oh man, that guy is a dmoney.
by Bob February 22, 2004
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Many people have long wondered, what exactly is a D-Money? Well basically a D-Money is a guy who doesn't really take life too seriously & is an ultra gash magnet. Not to be confused with the lesser 'Dmoney Drama' this nigga would do just about anything for his homies, including using a UAV so others can get a nuke; he is just an all round team player. The key to becoming a D-Money lies in the power of manipulating females, often resulting in the efficient production of sandwiches and/or hot bubble baths.
D-Money: Yo girl, make me that sammich then hit me up with a nice hot bubble bath.
Random hot girl: Sure, you want cheese and coleslaw?
D-Money: Hoe I asked for a sammich not salad.
Random hot girl: My bad.
D-Money: Be quick with the bath too, I need to go catch a 2 peice.
by BilalV2 August 01, 2011
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A White middle aged teen who thinks hes black but is white.
Also known as a nickname for a wigger. (a.k.a. an uh-oh oreo, white on the outside and black on the inside)
Yo D-Money, mah nigga whats happin' dawg??
by Collin Chandler May 10, 2006
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18 Year old Hip-Hop artist from Eugene,Oregon. With almost 200,000 plays on SoundCloud and music on every platform including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc... he is an up-and-coming artist.
Boof Pack (remix) - D Money
by Official_D_Money_ June 30, 2018
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