A term of farewell, whether it be for the day or state of mind, referring to the switching from side A to Side B on a vinyl record player (also known as the flipside).
"I'm outta here. See you muthafuckas on the flipside."

"Here's a ten strip of acid, I'll see you on the flipside."
by Wasps In My Brain March 1, 2012
Telling your friends you'll see them later , or whenever you catch them around.
by Kg August 29, 2015
From the Saturday Morning program entitled Kidd Video.

Flipside--the cartoon world that the band was sucked into from the "real" world.

Wherever you will see someone in the future in a completely opposite setting.
Just before droppin some "E"----"See you on the flipside."
by The 801 Dick Bandit May 29, 2009
marks & spencers, commonly said as m&s. well flip it over and its s&m. used when u r in a public place and r tlking about an s&m dude or dudette and wish for them not to know what u r tlking about.
(wierdo pervert s&m bloke Sherman enters the room)
'hey lindsay, i herd sherman is on the marks & spencers flipside...'
'no way! or maybe...'
by sana the slug July 30, 2005