slang for filipino female...see pinoy
she is a pinay.
by myREEZ April 16, 2003
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the best kind of looking girl out there in the world
Damn i need a pinay in my life not some skinny ass white girl.
by moneyz October 31, 2003
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a strong, beautiful, respected and empowered Pilipina woman who doesnt allow herself to be commodified, marginalized or objectified by anyone...a woman who will kick anyones as who calls her a bitch.
by applenvinegar February 6, 2003
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A beautiful pacific islander that has good morals and discipline from her mother. Is most likely a straight A valedectorian in school and will be a doctor in the future.
That pinay over there next to Thomas Jefferson is GOD.
by cammy_ June 11, 2005
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One of the skinny amateur Asian porn star breeds along with Thai's, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.
I'm tired of this white porn bitches; time for some pinay.
by phleygas March 8, 2017
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The smartest, hottest, down to earth asian girls out there.
by Andrizz1e December 30, 2005
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