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Someone who is defined as a "walking L". Commonly used to describe one who is bad at basketball.
That DUTT YouTuber is trash at basketball. He is truly a flightreacts.
by Lil Dickey Ball July 19, 2017
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Aka "Dutt Reacts" "Walking W" "fWight" The Goat of rapping and basketball. Goat singles like Cold-Blooded and Feelings. Best basketball youtuber. Dropped of King So during there 1v1. Best at everything.
King So: Im the best basketball youtuber! SIMPLE!

Random: You obvisuoly dont know the goat Flight Reacts

King So: Fuck im a 55 overall compared to fWight!

Random: Yee
by FWight "Dutt" Reacts January 24, 2018
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