Another word used for throwing, generally used by Australian cricketers.
β€œThat’s a great flick Nigel”
by 124243 March 18, 2020
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A female who does not wear a bra.
An acronym of Funbags Loose In Chicks Kit
Whoa, did you see the nips on that flick?

Flicks not wearing a bra today!
by anoneymousey July 27, 2008
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A term that refers to the action of literally flicking someone's penis with ones fingers.
Haha, you flicked that guys penis last night, your so weird. *FLICK*
by Benjamin_R December 04, 2005
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The movement of one person in a loving embrace moving their nose from down to up which touches the other persons nose.
She wanted to flick me
by DerangedShadow October 10, 2007
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A combination of "Fucking" and "Trick".
Used when too lazy of saying those 2 words. :)
A: You know Jasmine?
B: Yeah, that flick!!
by loko May 27, 2008
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or in other words absoloutley great. tougher than a black guys dick. HOLY SHIT MY DOOOD as you can see this word has many definitions
jake:yo!roman why are you so mothafuckin FLICK

ROMAN:dood why thanks jake i know im really damn strong and can beat up anybody in the planet but i didnt know i was so tough and bad ass to be FLICK thanks your areal pal!

jake:anytime broheem anytime
by roman merrell March 17, 2008
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It's the word flick but in capitals so it looks like FUCK. It's a good way to bypass cuss filters without saying something like fuk or fu.ck
person1: How can I bypass filters when I say fuck?
person2: say flick in capitals
by quinton chan September 02, 2007
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