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A person of flexible sexual orientation. Whereas they flirt with and try to attract both sexes, yet refuses to identify as bisexual. This person will constantly alter which gender they are more attracted to. Often they will appear to be very androgynous, and hang out with the scene crowd.
"Dude, Is David kissing a guy? I thought he was straight."

"Nah, he's flexisexual. Give him an hour, he'll be hitting up some girl, and in 4 he'll be 'sleeping' with the guy."
by Pilanus September 20, 2009
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Someone who is sexually attracted to the both sexes but only commits to exclusive relationships with the opposite sex.
I saw Amanda making out with Kristyn last night at the party. I didn't know she was bisexual. Nah man, she's flexisexual. She's talkin to that guy Johnny.
by atay1037 March 01, 2011
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Straight, heterosexual person who flirts with gay homosexual people. Usually seen at clubs, part of the hipster scene.
"Psh, Karl's so flirting with that straight guy over there, he's gonna get fucked up."

"No way sweetie, he's so flexisexual that Karl might actually get some action."
by Glenn Baker March 23, 2008
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