A 'flat' is short for a 'flat bat' (a homosexual)
by Timmy February 18, 2005
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The purified uncut by product of (Ice) methamphetamine. Processing is done by running ice thru a heated glass tube and allowing it to cool and scraping from surface.
Hey man have you seen Steve? Hes all twacked out on that flat-flat and still owes me $20.

They charging dollar for dollar for the flat-flat in the Lou.

Mike's house got raided and they found 2 zips of flat-flat. His pregnant girlfriend tipped off the police when she was vaccuming the lawn.

Man, you got the flat-flat...heard that's where at.
by MzPanda November 26, 2018
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A kick ass entertainment district on the western side of downtown Cleveland alongside the Cuyahoga River that has some rockin' nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.
Every weekend I went to the Flats during college, I could count on always getting plastered.
by Piranha February 3, 2007
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A single pressed mdma pill
You can tell he off the flats
by Bud hefner April 7, 2018
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a flat shoe, looks like a ballerina slipper, that girls are wearing all the time. They can come in any color and with most any design on them. Causes = smelly, sweaty feet.
Look, that girl is wearing gold flats to match her gold earrings and gold purse.
by anti-flat April 11, 2010
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