Flat, known to be having a flatt, paper like chest.. worlds flattest chest has been awarded to A.T. for his/her un-puberty transformed chest..
"flats for life"
"boy am i flat"
"hey that wall is almost as flat as me"
by Markham September 09, 2005
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WHEN fine women,lady,girl, has no big booty just flat like a flatscreen t.v
hey look at that girl with a flat screen booty.
by tyren perry April 11, 2008
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an acronym associated with a female who is flat or small chested:

F orever
L acking
A ny
T its
Dude bail, she's F.L.A.T.
by thecamel33 October 22, 2014
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-Without boobies
-Not well endowed
-'A' cup

Chee Wong is flat. I can iron her shirt while it is still on her.
by siDeSwiper66 April 16, 2006
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As Flat as a kippers dick.
That woman has no boobs shes as flat as a kippers dick.
by Steve November 06, 2003
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