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plural = Flannies

Flanny is slang for a button-up, long sleeve flannelette shirt. The use of this term is common in Australia.

Back in the day, 'Flannies' were generally worn by poorer people (commonly refered to as bums), but have recently become fasionable within youth today (especially skaters).
Nick: duddeee check out this fresh new flanny i bought from burkes.
Damian: yeee man thats dope, im gonna get me one! yewyew!
by xaxrelicx February 25, 2008
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A closet homosexual, spawn of Yves (pronounced ya-ves) and Sue, who has a propensity to have man-crushes on other male friends (see: Casey Gobble Gobble No Neck, Paul Cross)
John: "Who is that dude getting pounded up the arse by Casey Gobble Gobble No Neck"
Jack: "Oh, that's just Flanny assuming the catcher role yet again"
by the corkster January 20, 2013
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A feeling of a sexual nature experienced by a female in the vagina when erosed. The female equivalent of a booner,comes from the phrase experiencing 'fanny flutters' otherwise known as a 'tingly vagina'.
Jordon: 'was he a good kisser?!'

Ashley: 'oh yeah, like major flannys!'.

Sarah: 'he's so hot'

Amy: 'oh stop, like rampant flannys'.

Trish:'I fricking love that movie, I seriously get flannys for it!'.
by Flannys 101 July 04, 2013
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The Flanny is the term for a womans vagina that is a bit flappy. It Uses the two words fanny and flappy makes this word.
- That porn star has been shafted one too many times, she has the widest flanny I have ever seen!

- I would Dave, but I bet she has a flanny. Look, she's wearing a Kappa tracksuit!

- If naked, that flanny would would flap in the wind.Gross.
by Marc855 July 03, 2006
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