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An acronym for the word 'Dominated'. Generally used in gaming, 'domd' is used when a player gets beaten by another in an excessive fasion.
The term can also be used in other contexts where someone gets beaten, hurt or pwnt.
player 1: fuck that noob used his lvl 2 dagon n raped me... bs.
player 2: oh man u got domd!
by xaxrelicx February 24, 2008

plural = Flannies

Flanny is slang for a button-up, long sleeve flannelette shirt. The use of this term is common in Australia.

Back in the day, 'Flannies' were generally worn by poorer people (commonly refered to as bums), but have recently become fasionable within youth today (especially skaters).
Nick: duddeee check out this fresh new flanny i bought from burkes.
Damian: yeee man thats dope, im gonna get me one! yewyew!
by xaxrelicx February 26, 2008