To pwn someone, either figuratively or literally, by bludgeoning them upside the head with your gigantic cock.
Buzzed Bunny says to flank the fuckton of ninjas that show up when you're fucking your girlfriend in the ass.
by AceMaster2000 May 05, 2006
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A prank move pulled by two conspirators in a men's restroom that does not have barriers between the urinals. Ignoring proper urinal etiquette, the two prankers come up on either side of a lone pisser and angle 45 degrees so as to piss into the same urinal as the man being pranked. Usually complemented with a conversation across the middle man.
Hey, this is a perfect time to flank him, let's go.
by kidnutrageous June 02, 2006
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Flanks that annoying lower back fat that defines your age and love for sit down breakfast πŸ₯ž
Sammy B - I see those flanks growing from here!

McNolty - Sammy you are really good for a man’s ego
by JudgementGirl January 08, 2019
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To follow someone drunk as shit home, so they don't get pulled over.
Brian got flanked home from the bar, by his friend so that he does not get pulled over.
by glare April 19, 2015
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1.a person who is capable of doing work but chooses not to do it either because they are lazy or just worthless

2.A wasteman
Guy a:do you know these guys?
Guy b:no those guys are a bunch of flanks
by factgiverguy July 06, 2016
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A cigarette lighter, aka marijuana cigar lighter.
"Say man, can I get a flanks?" - "Yeah man, right here."

"Got flanks?" - "Hell yeah, hold up, it's in my pocket."

"Gentlemen, do you have a flanks I can 'borrow'?" - "No G.A.N."
by GraceKimWasHOT May 28, 2006
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The mash-up of the words 'flirt' and 'wank'. To relieve oneself of one's flirting needs.

-Flanking off
-Flanker (one who enjoys the act of flanking)
Girl 1: Why are you flirting with him?

Girl 2: Bitch, please! I'm just flanking


Girl 1: Are you flanking him off yet?

Girl 2: Nope, not gotten to the flanking stage yet, just general chat
by RedHeadEm April 07, 2013
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